Set of bowls


Set of bowls consists of 1 bowl cm.30, 6 bowls cm. 18. Handainted. Fishes.

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About this product:

Set of bowls consists of 1 bowl cm.30, 6 bowls cm.18. Handpainted. Fishes.

The charm of craftsmanship

Every piece you find in our workshop has been made by our skilled craftsmen, each of whom has infused their passion and creativity into each creation. We are happy to offer a wide range of ceramics, from the most traditional to the most modern, which meet different tastes and styles. By choosing to buy directly from us, who have no middlemen, you will not only be taking home a unique handmade product, but you will also be supporting the traditional art of Sorrentine ceramics.

Beauty & Authenticity

The true beauty of handmade products lies in their authenticity and originality. Each object is unique, bearing a soul and a story. The imperfections that may emerge during the creation process add a touch of character and personality, making it special. All objects, carefully crafted in our ceramics workshop, reflect the work, creativity and passion of the craftsman and create a unique bond between the artist and the owner. When you buy a handmade product you are investing in something special, of genuine beauty that is priceless.

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