Artisanal Ceramics Made in Italy

Works of art from 'The land of the Sirens'

Welcome to our world of Sorrentine ceramics, where beauty takes shape in every creation.

Our works are a tribute to the rich history and craftsmanship of local artisans, who have been creating authentic works of art with their skills and passion for generations. From classic majolica to more modern and innovative creations, each piece has a story to tell, a story that speaks about our places, our culture and our traditions.


The labooratory 'Ceramica Artistica Sorrentina,' founded in 1982 by Antonino Puglia, represents a precious corner of creativity and tradition in the picturesque Sorrento Coast. Here, ceramic work has been transformed into a true art form, where clay and colours blend harmoniously under the mastery of the human hand. This is not only a workshop that embodies the love of ceramics and art in general, but a guardian of local cultural traditions and a beacon of creativity, thus helping to preserve and promote the precious heritage of Campania's artistic ceramics.

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Each creation can be customised to one's liking, so each ceramic object becomes a tailor-made work of art, a reflection of the customer's preferences and personality. Ceramic artisans, with extraordinary skill, work with care and precision to mould the clay to the customer's specific requirements.  Every detail, from shapes and sizes to the use of colours and decorations, is carefully considered and crafted, ensuring that each piece is special by adding a personal touch to the products, also allowing for the creation of special gifts, lasting memories and art pieces that tell individual stories through the beauty and functionality of ceramics.

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